Netflix Suggestions By Jess

This is the link to Netflix:

Netflix is a website/app that gives you the opportunity to watch sevral movies at the the price of $10.99 a month. Although there are many options on Netflix, all the way from movies to tv-shows as well as programs produced by Netflix itself, there are some things they should add and some movies and shows that are better than others

I'd like to start off by saying THIS IS MY OPINION on movies and shows that should be watched and I hpoe nobody gets offended

Movie Options Rating
First Match Rotten Tomatoes Review
Black Panther Metacritic Review
Avengers: Infinity War IMDb Review
Bird Box Rotten Tomatoes Review
To All The Boys I've Loved Before Rotten Tomatoes Review

The TV-Shows that I will be listing are shows thet I have watched and enjoyed!

TV-Show Options Rating
On My Block Rotten Tomatoes Review
The Flash Rotton Tomatoes Review
One Day At A Time Rotton Tomatoes Review
La Casa De Papel IMDb Review
Criminal Minds IMDb Review